Since 2013 Zhong Art International has worked with the aim of both spreading Chinese artistic and cultural heritage in Italy and promoting Italian heritage in China, in the name of a continual exchange between the two countries.

Our main activity is art exhibition management: in Italy we have planned and delivered exhibitions for many Chinese artists, whereas in China numerous Italian artists and artistic institutions have been supported by us.  

We also deal with education, organizing study abroad and art residency programs, both in China and in Italy. 

We support trades between the two countries, helping Italian companies with entering the Chinese market and vice versa. In order to facilitate this process, we have also created IZO, a platform that connects Italian and European outstanding companies with first-class designers and the best Chinese companies. 

We work in partnership with the most important institutions and authorities, such as the Chinese Ministries of Culture and of Foreign Affairs, Italian and Chinese embassies, renowned museums, Universities and Academies. 

Our headquarters are in Firenze and Beijing. The main purpose of all our activities is to build a cultural bridge between Italy and China.

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