ZAI – Zhong Art International (in chinese:中艺国际) has been working since 2013 with the aim of diffusing Chinese artistic and cultural heritage in Italy, and promoting Italian culture and heritage in China, also fostering contemporary Art, through a constant exchange between the two countries.

From our operational branches of Florence and Beijing, we undertake initiatives likely to help create a cultural bridge between Italy and China, establishing partnerships and setting up projects of common interest.


We follow with accuracy and professionalism the entire path of Art exhibitions, from finding the themes to the set-up, the advertising and the catalogues. Thanks to Zhong Art International, important contemporary Chinese artists have shown in Italy, and several institutions and prominent Italian artists were promoted in China through solo or group exhibitions and participation in prime events.


Zhong Art is also involved in education, organising studies abroad and art residency programs, both in China and in Italy, as well as cultural tourism initiatives.


We are working in partnership with the most important institutions and authorities, such as the Ministries of Culture and of Foreign Affairs, the Embassies, and several public or private Museums, Universities and Academies in China and in Italy. Eventually, we foster strategic and business cooperation between the two countries.

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